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2016 SCAA Quantitative Study

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2016 SCAA Quantitative Study:  Consumer Behaviors, Motivations, and Perceptions

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In 2016, the Specialty Coffee Association collaborated with Marketing General Inc. to design a quantitative study to survey a large number of specialty coffee consumers, and is the first quantitative research on specialty coffee consumers in SCA history. The aim was to use data to confirm findings about specialty coffee consumer behavior we had explored in 2012 and 2013. The findings of this survey showed similar results to earlier qualitative studies, but data-based and with deeper insights.  Research objectives included:

  • Determine specialty coffee consumers’ characteristics, habits, and preferences related to specialty coffee.
  • Determine specialty coffee consumers’ purchase behaviors and motivators related to specialty coffee.
  • Explore what the term “specialty” means to the specialty coffee consumer.
  • Identify generational preferences and patterns of specialty coffee consumers ages 18 and up. -Generations were defined as follows:
    • Millennials: Ages 18–35
    • Younger Millennials: Ages 18–25
    • Older Millennials: Ages 26–35
    • Generation X: Ages 36–50
    • Boomers: Ages 51 and above
  • Gain a deeper understanding of two specialty coffee market segments: The Super Specialty consumer and the Specialty Adopter consumer, and delineate the differences between the two groups.
  • Identify opportunities for growth for each of the defined segments.